Nadeshiko Action

Nadeshiko Action (“Japanese Women for Justice and Peace,” なでしこアクション), also spelled Nadesiko Action, is a comfort women denier group founded by Yumiko Yamamoto, the former secretary general and vice president of the extremist anti-Korean group Zaitokukai. Nadeshiko Action mobilizes campaigns against the movement for comfort women redress outside of Japan by coordinating with Japanese residents in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and other countries.

Nadeshiko Action is also the source of the massive wave of form letters and petitions sent to municipalities that have considered a resolution or other action on comfort women issue. As part of the Alliance for Truth about Comfort Women, Nadeshiko Action has actively participated in its lobbying efforts at the United Nations level, holding meetings at the UN Commission on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

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Nadeshiko Action/Happy Science Events in California (2014)

Happy Science (acting as “True Japan”) hosted two Japanese-language panels in California in December 2014 featuring notorious comfort women deniers Yumiko Yamamoto, Mitsuhiko Fujii, and others.

The San Francisco event took place on December 13, 2014 in Redwood City, California (where Happy Science’s San Francisco temple is located). The event was protested by a coalition of Asian, labor, and peace activists from the Bay Area. Speakers included:

The Los Angeles event held on December 14, 2014 in Torrance, California included the following speakers:


New York Historical Issues Study Group

New York Historical Issues Study Group (ニューヨーク歴史研究会) is a group of Japanese nationalists living in New York area who were inspired by the 2011 visit of retired Japanese Air Self-Defense Force Chief of Staff Toshio Tamogami (田母神俊雄), a darling of hard right nationalists. Since then, the Study Group has been holding meetings and events on a regular basis, covering such issues as comfort women, territorial disputes, Imperial Family, national defense, Constitution, etc.

The Study Group has co-sponsored nationalist events with Himawari Japan and Global Alliance for Historical Truth, including Himawari Japan lectures (2016) and Himawari Japan lectures (2017).

The president of the Study Group is Yasuhiro Takasaki (高崎康裕), a New York-based business consultant with an extensive background in real estate and construction industries.

Ninohashi Club

Ninohashi Club (二の橋倶楽部) is an anti-Korean group named after Ninohashi area of Tokyo, where the Embassy of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) as well as the headquarters of the Korean Residents Union in Japan (Mindan, 在日本大韓民国民団) are located. The group organizes frequent demonstrations against the Korean Embassy and Mindan over history, territorial disputes, and other issues.

Ninohashi Club submitted a two-page position paper to the United Nations Committee for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women in 2016 which disputed the historical orthodoxy on comfort women–see Alliance for Truth About Comfort Women Geneva Delegation (2016).

Norimasa Suzuki

Norimasa Suzuki (鈴木規正) is a licensed massage therapist in New York City specializing in seitai shiatsu massage and a comfort women denier. As the president of Seiron-no Kai NY (also New York Seiron-no Kai), Suzuki spoke at comfort women denier events Texas Night in NYC (2015) and Texas Night in NYC (2016). It is unclear if Seiron-no Kai is an actual organization, as evidences of its activity cannot be found beyond Suzuki’s appearances on these panels.

In December 2015, Suzuki wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe criticizing the Japan-ROK Agreement (2015) on the comfort women issue, which was widely shared among Japan’s right-wing.

Website: Doin Seitai Center