Researchers of History on Modern Japan

Researchers of History on Modern Japan (HMJR, 日本近現代史研究会, also “KINGEN”) is a group of amateur “historians” founded in 2008 by Michio Ochiai (落合道夫), a member of Japan Conference. Kiyoshi Hosoya is the secretary general of HMJR, who hosts monthly lectures in Tokyo.

Under the leadership of Hosoya, HMJR submitted a position paper to the United Nations–see Alliance for Truth About Comfort Women Geneva Delegation (2016)–and filed an amicus curie in Gingery et al. v. City of Glendale.

Rompa Project

Rompa Project (論破プロジェクト) is a historical revisionist group supported by Happy Science and led by Mitsuhiko Fujii, who is himself a follower of Happy Science. The group uses manga (comics) as well as panels to spread its messages, and often works closely with Tony Marano and Shunichi Fujiki.

Rompa Project boasted endorsements from the following individuals and groups (among others), which has since been deleted from its website:


Above: A cut from Rompa Project’s comic, “The J Facts.” The bear character depicted fantasizing about demolishing a memorial for victims of Japanese military comfort women system is Tokkuma, a mascot for the Happiness Realization Party in 2012 and 2013 named after its candidate Tokuma.