Global Alliance for Historical Truth

Global Alliance for Historical Truth (GAHT, 歴史の真実を求める歴史連合会) is a Japanese comfort women denier group founded by Koichi Mera. There are branches in Japan and in the U.S.; Mera has stated that another branch in Brazil is being formed.

In 2014, GAHT filed a lawsuit (Gingery et al. v. City of Glendale) seeking the removal of a Comfort Women Memorial in Glendale in the federal court and then in the California state court, alleging that the City infringed on the federal government’s exclusive authority to conduct foreign affairs by enacting the memorial.

GAHT established the Princeton Institute for Asian Studies, a misleadingly named website in 2019 offering its far-right nationalist perspectives on the attack on Pearl Harbor (it was a conspiracy by FDR), comfort women (they were willing and well-paid prostitutes), Nanking massacre (all made up by the Chinese Communist Party), and the Tokyo Tribunal (racist and unfair).

Board Members of GAHT-US (as of 2016)

  • Koichi Mera (目良浩一), President and Chair
  • Genki Fujii (藤井厳喜), Deputy Chair
  • Ichiro Mizushima (水島一郎), Treasurer
  • Mistsuo Takahashi (高橋光郎), Secretary
  • Kiyoshi Hosoya (細谷清), Public Relations / Newsletter Editor

Board Members of GAHT-Japan (as of 2016)

  • Hideaki Kase (加瀬英明), President
  • Yoshiro Masuda (桝田淑郎), Chair for Japan
  • Koichi Mera (目良浩一), Chair for USA
  • Yumiko Yamamoto (山本優美子), Deputy Chair for Japan
  • Ichiro Mizushima (水島一郎), Deputy Chair for USA
  • Hiroshi Horino (堀野浩史), Auditor
  • Kiyoshi Hosoya (細谷清), Public Relations
  • Nobukatsu Fujioka (藤岡信勝)
  • Mistsuo Takahashi (高橋光郎)

Website: (Japanese)
Website: (English)

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