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Shinsei Bukkyo

Shinsei Bukkyo (新生佛教, 新生佛教教団) is a religious group loosely based on Buddhism founded in 1954 in Yamaguchi, Japan. It is affiliated with Japan Conference and said to be closely connected to Shinzo Abe (who represents Yamaguchi), Nobuteru Ishihara, and other conservative politicians.

Shinsei Bukkyo publishes Nippon Jiji Hyouron (日本時事評論), a highly influential newsletter published twice a month. It is described as the epicenter of the anti-feminist backlash that mobilized Japan’s conservative movements during the first half of the 2000s.

Comfort women denier Hiromi Edwards was a member of Shinsei Bukkyo and a frequent contributor and speaker for the group’s anti-feminist mobilization.

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