Tony Marano

Tony Marano, a.k.a. “Texas Daddy,” is a retired salesperson, American YouTuber, and a comfort women denier. After posting videos criticizing environmental group Sea Shepherd’s campaign against Japanese whaling, Marano was recruited by Japanese businessman Shunichi Fujiki (a.k.a. “Shun Ferguson”) to be the American mouthpiece for Japanese ultra-nationalism, even though he does not speak Japanese. Marano has several books published in Japan (he does not seem to know some of what is being published under his name over there) and tours Japan regularly. Reuters describes Marano as a “right-wing darling in Japan.”

Fujiki operates publicity for Marano as the “Texas Daddy Japan Secretariat.”

This Is Texas Daddy

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2 thoughts on “Tony Marano”

  1. I know Tony personally. He’s no mouthpiece, he speaks from the heart, he speaks of his own thoughts and feelings. Tony is smart enough to see the lies of Sea Shepherd and is not afraid of pointing them out.
    Tony is a principled man.
    It’s wrong to insult him merely because he differs with you. Your actions make you seem dishonest and unprincipled.

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