Princeton Institute for Asian Studies

Princeton Institute for Asian Studies is a fake “institute” set up by historical revisionist and comfort women denier Koichi Mera and Global Alliance for Historical Truth to mislead educators and students about historical issues that are important to the Japanese far-right nationalists.

The “Princeton Institute,” which (obviously) is not affiliated with the Princeton University, states “two sides of a controversy must always be analyzed,” then goes on to offer Japanese nationalist and revisionist perspectives on the attack on Pearl Harbor (it was a conspiracy by FDR), comfort women (they were willing and well-paid prostitutes), Nanking massacre (all made up by the Chinese Communist Party), and the Tokyo Tribunal (racist and unfair).

According to Mera, the “Princeton Institute” is sending its “educational” materials to over a thousand schools in California.

Mera’s new campaign to mislead and misinform California students comes in response to the new common curriculum in the state, which includes teaching about the Japanese military “comfort women” issue. Through the “Princeton Institute,” says Mera, he plans to counter “them Korean and Chinese influences.”

After protests from Princeton University, the institute changed its name to the Pacific Institute for Asian Studies.


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