Alliance for Truth about Comfort Women Geneva Delegation (August 2018)

In August 2018, Alliance for Truth about Comfort Women sent its delegation to Geneva, Switzerland to attend the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which met to conduct the member state review of Japan over such issues as the rights of indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, burakumin, and victims of military comfort women.

Over the last few delegations, the Alliance has expanded its mission to deny the indigenous status of Ainu and Okinawans at United Nations meetings, bringing members such as Hokkaido prefectural assembly member Masaru Onodera (小野寺まさる) and Satoru Nakamura (仲村覚) of Okinawa Policy Research Forum of Japan (日本沖縄政策研究フォーラム). During a lunch briefing at UNCERD, Nakamura gave a speech demanding the U.N. to retract the recognition of Okinawan people as an indigenous people.

The delegation included, among others:

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