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For Mr. Marano: Proof that your “good friend” hid behind a pseudonym to propagate hate

In our last post, we exposed that Shunichi Fujiki a.k.a. “Shun Ferguson” (Japanese representative of “comfort women” denier “Texas Daddy” a.k.a. Tony Marano) had used the pseudonym “Comfort women trying to get second big money” and the fake email address “” to post a comment on our blog, which is completely unacceptable. He was caught because the post originated from the same exact IP address as the one he had posted from previously.

Mr. Fujiki has not responded to the allegation, but “Texas Daddy” himself responded, demanding that we “prove” that Mr. Fujiki was indeed responsible for the offending comment.

We suggested that he check with Mr. Fujiki himself, but Mr. Marano refused, stating that he would “not insult my good friend by asking him to comment on slander.”

Fine then, here is the proof.


This is a screen shot of WordPress administration page. I entered the IP address to search all comments to our blog, which returned three comments: two by Mr. Fujiki (“Shun Ferguson”) and one by “Ugly Comfort women trying to get second big money,” thereby proving “Shun Ferguson” is “Ugly Comfort women trying to get second big money.”

“But you could have doctored the image!” you say, Mr. Marano? Okay, here’s the screen recording showing how I log into WordPress and list comments originating from

Of course, even that could be fabricated, theoretically, so Mr. Marano could continue to believe that his good friend would not do such a despicable thing if he so chooses. But most readers would understand that we have no reason to go out of our way to fabricate an evidence “proving” how despicable Mr. Fujiki is; we believe that his “comfort women” denialism is already damaging enough.

If that’s not good enough, though, we have a proposition for you, Mr. Marano. We are willing to enter into a binding legal contract whereby you front the money to hire a reputable forensic computer expert to verify our claim. If it turns out that we had fabricated any of the above evidences, we will pay you double the money you fronted. It’s up to you.

“Texas Daddy”‘s Japanese Representative “Shun Ferguson” Caught Using Pseudonym to Propagate Hate

We welcome ernest conversations and debates, but we believe that there is no room for hate speech. We certainly don’t tolerate hate speech on our blog, even though sometimes things slip through (and please do let us know when you notice something).

So we almost did not approve a comment posted by someone using the pseudonym “Ugly Comfort women trying to get second big money” with an obvious fake email address ““: it’s just not something we allow on our blog.

But when we went to the admin page to remove the comment, we noticed something interesting: the offending post originates from the same exact IP address as two previous comments posted by “Shun Ferguson” did.

As we discussed previously , Shunichi Fujiki a.k.a. “Shun Ferguson” is the Japanese representative for Tony Marano a.k.a. “Texas Daddy.”

Mr. Fujiki coordinates Mr. Marano’s speaking tours in Japan, maintains website and social media presence for Mr. Marano in Japanese, and probably does heavy editing for Mr. Marano’s articles in Japanese–we note that Mr. Marano’s columns sometimes invoke puns and word-plays (oyaji gag) in Japanese, which would be improbable for someone with little understanding of language to come up with on his own.

Below is the full text of Mr. Fujiki’s comment (under the pseudonym “Comfort women trying to get second big money” and fake email address “”), in response to another commenter Ruud Thea Bisenberger.

Ruud Thea Bisenberger,

Would you please provide the proof of your claim?
I saw the documents issued by Dutch government in 1994 but the figure you stated is totally different from what was written on the document or Japanese issued document.

What I know from PropagandaBuster’s videos, he was explaining that “Those Korean comfort women were not attractive” = ugly.
He did not mention anything about Dutch women but just illustrated what is written on the US Army report No.49. which is all about Korean prostitutes.

If there is a police officer violated their law and murdered a man, are you going to say entire police officers are murders?
This is exactly what the case is. Your claim is totally bankrupted.

These guys on the photo are saying “there was no “military” comfort women forced by Japanese army but not denying the existence of the comfort women.

Mr. Fujiki’s rhetoric especially around his analogy re “if there is a police officer…” exactly matches his argument in a recent facebook post in Japanese, further affirming that this poster is indeed the real “Shun Ferguson.”

Mr. Fujiki, you are not only a historical denier, but also an additionally despicable individual for using a particularly hate-filled fake name and email address to attack people from around the world who question your fake history. If you are so ashamed of your own bigotry to disguise yourself, perhaps you should stop propagating it.

Tony Marano a.k.a. “Texas Daddy” has his propaganda busted

Last week, we posted a group photo representing “the faces of Japanese ‘comfort women’ denialism” with names and affiliations of the historical deniers.

Comfort Women Denialists

One of the “faces” featured, Tony Marano a.k.a. “Texas Daddy” a.k.a. “Propaganda Buster” commented on our blog, as well as on our facebook page, calling the caption “dishonarable and pathetic.” We responded to him, and here is the conversation that followed:


Here’s the text of the exchange, in case the screen capture does not work for you:

Tony Marano The title to the photograph is a total lie. Please point out which one(s) in that photograph deny the existence of Comfort Women.
Your scandalous lie is dishonorable and pathetic.

Japan-U.S. Feminist Network for Decolonization Nobody is accusing you of denying the mere existence of “comfort women.” Historical denialism is the denial of historical crimes, such as the Holocaust or the genocide of Native Americans or the crime Japanese military perpetrated against Korean and other women known as “comfort women” during the WWII. You deny the existence of the system of military enforced prostitution by the Japanese military, which means you, sir, are a “comfort women” denier.

Tony Marano You sir or ma’am are the denier between the two of us. In 1944 the United States Army captured, not rescued some Comfort Women and reported they were well paid prostitutes. That report place doubt in the version offered by many. That report may not reflect all the Comfort Women during that period throughout Asia, however it places doubt in the version that all were forced. By you and your colleagues refusing to acknowledge that report, it makes you the denier here. Also in the photograph where all are accused as deniers, do you know that for a fact about each individual? Or is that just another blanket inaccurate accusation?

Japan-U.S. Feminist Network for Decolonization The U.S. military report says that the women were deceived by the offer of good job and held in debt bondage, which is considered a form of slavery under the United Nations definition. The report also makes it clear that Japanese military managed the system of military prostitution by implementing policies, prices, schedules, etc. Finally, the report is contradictory in terms of the economic reality of the women: in some part it states that they “lived in near luxury” and in another they struggled financially because they had to purchase food and other necessities from “house maters” at an excessive cost. Most likely, the “luxury” story reflects the interrogation of the Japanese “house masters,” and the rest of the stories came from the women themselves. Now, who is “refusing to acknowledge” the report?

Tony Marano See, once again you are proving you are a denier. You left out the part where those so-called sex-slaves were paid more than the average Japanese soldier and where they ladies enjoyed entertainment and sporting events with members of the Japanese Imperial Army. Do sex slaves do that?

Japan-U.S. Feminist Network for Decolonization As I’ve pointed out already, the report states that women were nominally paid well but their earnings were taken away by the “house masters” for debt repayment and necessities. I find that description believable because it is very similar to the economic exploitation that occurs in contemporary human trafficking. As for comfort women having access to entertainment, even slave owners in the pre-Civil War U.S. South sometimes held picnics for their slaves. So yes, slavery can co-exist with occasional “entertainment” for the enslaved.

Who is this Tony Marano anyway, and why is he, a white American, so obsessed about denying the historical crimes of the Japanese Empire?

Tony Marano is a conservative video blogger who had posted political commentaries under the pseudonym “Propaganda Buster” on YouTube for several years. One time, he posted a video criticizing environmentalist group Sea Shepherd’s anti-whaling campaign against Japanese fishers, and was embraced as a hero by the Japanese right-wing nationalists. One of the Japanese supporters, Shunichi Fujiki (also pictured), approached Marano and became his official Japanese representative, supplying him with more pro-Japan resources and coordinating his books and lectures in Japan.

Marano is behind the petition calling for the removal of the Glendale, California memorial dedicated to the victims of Japanese “comfort women” system. Fujiki brags about a “strategy” he devised in order to attract attention to the petition, which was to send Marano to Glendale to have him take photos showing him place a paper bag over the head of the statue representing a “comfort woman.”


Pictures on the left show Marano and the statue with its head covered by a paper bag. The image on the right shows Marano visiting Mio Sugita, a far-right Japanese member of Parliament who is also protesting the memorial.

According to Fujiki, Marano was intentionally trying to provoke Korean outrage with his action, so that the media would cover the controversy, ultimately bringing more attention to the petition effort. Marano further explained that he placed the paper bag over the statue because he believed “comfort women” were ugly, citing a derisive description in the 1944 U.S. military report he mentioned in his facebook comment above.

We suspect that perhaps Morano had not engaged directly with critics of his historical revisionism, because most English speakers have never heard of him or do not know enough about historical documents about “comfort women” that he (selectively) cites, and he cannot read or understand Japanese criticisms. In addition, his messaging for the Japanese audience is carefully scripted and orchestrated by Fujiki, insulating Marano from direct confrontation. But once he exchanged opinions and facts with us on facebook, the “propaganda buster” had his propaganda busted and could not respond any further.

We are FeND!

Japan-U.S. Feminist Network for Decolonization (FeND) is a network of activists and scholars resisting both Japanese and U.S. colonialisms.

Founders of FeND are individuals living in the U.S. who have roots in Japan. We are organizing in response to the recent surge of ultra-right wing historical revisionist mobilization among some members of Japanese (not Japanese-American) communities in Southern California and elsewhere in the United States. For example, the revisionists are suing the City of Glendale, California over its public memorial dedicated to the victims of WWII-era “comfort women” system of the Japanese Imperial Army.

We also oppose the U.S. military presence in Okinawa, Hawai’i, and the rest of the Asia-Pacific, and the Japanese re-militarization.


FeNDの創立者は、米国在住の日本にルーツをもつ人たちです。わたしたちは、南カリフォルニアやその他の米国の地域における在米日本人(日系アメリカ人ではありません)の一部などによる極右の歴史修正主義運動に対抗するために当団体を立ち上げました。例えば南カリフォルニアの歴史修正主義者らは、 日本軍「慰安婦」制度の被害者たちに捧げられた銅像を建てたカリフォルニア州グレンデール市に対して、訴訟を起こしています


Glendale Comfort Women Statue