For Mr. Marano: Proof that your “good friend” hid behind a pseudonym to propagate hate

In our last post, we exposed that Shunichi Fujiki a.k.a. “Shun Ferguson” (Japanese representative of “comfort women” denier “Texas Daddy” a.k.a. Tony Marano) had used the pseudonym “Comfort women trying to get second big money” and the fake email address “” to post a comment on our blog, which is completely unacceptable. He was caught because the post originated from the same exact IP address as the one he had posted from previously.

Mr. Fujiki has not responded to the allegation, but “Texas Daddy” himself responded, demanding that we “prove” that Mr. Fujiki was indeed responsible for the offending comment.

We suggested that he check with Mr. Fujiki himself, but Mr. Marano refused, stating that he would “not insult my good friend by asking him to comment on slander.”

Fine then, here is the proof.


This is a screen shot of WordPress administration page. I entered the IP address to search all comments to our blog, which returned three comments: two by Mr. Fujiki (“Shun Ferguson”) and one by “Ugly Comfort women trying to get second big money,” thereby proving “Shun Ferguson” is “Ugly Comfort women trying to get second big money.”

“But you could have doctored the image!” you say, Mr. Marano? Okay, here’s the screen recording showing how I log into WordPress and list comments originating from

Of course, even that could be fabricated, theoretically, so Mr. Marano could continue to believe that his good friend would not do such a despicable thing if he so chooses. But most readers would understand that we have no reason to go out of our way to fabricate an evidence “proving” how despicable Mr. Fujiki is; we believe that his “comfort women” denialism is already damaging enough.

If that’s not good enough, though, we have a proposition for you, Mr. Marano. We are willing to enter into a binding legal contract whereby you front the money to hire a reputable forensic computer expert to verify our claim. If it turns out that we had fabricated any of the above evidences, we will pay you double the money you fronted. It’s up to you.

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