“Texas Daddy”‘s Japanese Representative “Shun Ferguson” Caught Using Pseudonym to Propagate Hate

We welcome ernest conversations and debates, but we believe that there is no room for hate speech. We certainly don’t tolerate hate speech on our blog, even though sometimes things slip through (and please do let us know when you notice something).

So we almost did not approve a comment posted by someone using the pseudonym “Ugly Comfort women trying to get second big money” with an obvious fake email address “comfortwomenistotallieofgreedykorean@givememoney.co.kr“: it’s just not something we allow on our blog.

But when we went to the admin page to remove the comment, we noticed something interesting: the offending post originates from the same exact IP address as two previous comments posted by “Shun Ferguson” did.

As we discussed previously , Shunichi Fujiki a.k.a. “Shun Ferguson” is the Japanese representative for Tony Marano a.k.a. “Texas Daddy.”

Mr. Fujiki coordinates Mr. Marano’s speaking tours in Japan, maintains website and social media presence for Mr. Marano in Japanese, and probably does heavy editing for Mr. Marano’s articles in Japanese–we note that Mr. Marano’s columns sometimes invoke puns and word-plays (oyaji gag) in Japanese, which would be improbable for someone with little understanding of language to come up with on his own.

Below is the full text of Mr. Fujiki’s comment (under the pseudonym “Comfort women trying to get second big money” and fake email address “comfortwomenistotallieofgreedykorean@givememoney.co.kr”), in response to another commenter Ruud Thea Bisenberger.

Ruud Thea Bisenberger,

Would you please provide the proof of your claim?
I saw the documents issued by Dutch government in 1994 but the figure you stated is totally different from what was written on the document or Japanese issued document.

What I know from PropagandaBuster’s videos, he was explaining that “Those Korean comfort women were not attractive” = ugly.
He did not mention anything about Dutch women but just illustrated what is written on the US Army report No.49. which is all about Korean prostitutes.

If there is a police officer violated their law and murdered a man, are you going to say entire police officers are murders?
This is exactly what the case is. Your claim is totally bankrupted.

These guys on the photo are saying “there was no “military” comfort women forced by Japanese army but not denying the existence of the comfort women.

Mr. Fujiki’s rhetoric especially around his analogy re “if there is a police officer…” exactly matches his argument in a recent facebook post in Japanese, further affirming that this poster is indeed the real “Shun Ferguson.”

Mr. Fujiki, you are not only a historical denier, but also an additionally despicable individual for using a particularly hate-filled fake name and email address to attack people from around the world who question your fake history. If you are so ashamed of your own bigotry to disguise yourself, perhaps you should stop propagating it.

3 thoughts on ““Texas Daddy”‘s Japanese Representative “Shun Ferguson” Caught Using Pseudonym to Propagate Hate”

  1. Really? Please provide proof:

    1 –Prove the two IP addresses being the same.

    2 – Proof that Mr. Shun used “if there is a police officer” that matches exactly his writing in a Facebook post.

    3 – Prove that Mr. Shun was ever the only person to utter or write the following words consecutively “if there is a police officer.”

    Incidentally, Google ““if there is a police officer” and it returns with 1,130,000 results. Is Mr. Shun responsible for all those 1,130,000 results? If so, he is one talented guy. God bless him!

    4 – Prove that I am ignorant of “oyaji gags.”

    In addition Ms. Emi, one day you will regret and feel the shame of your anti-Japanese activity for betraying your heritage and ancestors. When that day arrives, that sad part is the people of Japan will forgive you and you know that. You are relying on that forgiveness for your continued exploitation.

    1. Mr. Marano, there is an easier way to handle this. Ask Mr. Fujiki, your authorized Japanese representative, if he wrote that hateful comment. And please report back. I’m sure that you don’t want your representative to behave in such a despicable manner, right?

      1. It is incumbent upon you to support your accusations by supplying proof. If no proof from you then we can chalk off your ranting by just another hallucination from a detractor. Please prove myself and Shun to be wrong.

        Also why would I ask Shun if he is the only person to use “if there is a police officer” when you were the one who wrote that? Are you asking Shun to support your claim?

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