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Open Letter in Support of Historians in Japan

The following statement was signed by 187 scholars of Japan studies and other areas, including some of the most influential thinkers in the field (John Dower, Ezra Vogel, Carol Gluck, Andrew Gordon, Norma Field, et al.). Several members and friends of FeND were also co-signers to the statement. The full list of signatories as well as the Japanese version are available on Japan Focus. Continue reading Open Letter in Support of Historians in Japan

FeND Expresses Support for Fullerton Peace Memorial

Today, Japan-U.S. Feminist Network for Decolonization (FeND) has submitted a letter to the Mayor and the City Council of Fullerton, California to express our support for its proposed peace memorial dedicated to victims and survivors of the Japanese “comfort women” system during the WWII.

City Council of Fullerton has already passed a resolution endorsing the U.S. House Resolution 121, leading a way for the Fullerton Museum Center board to approve the construction of the proposed memorial dedicated to former “comfort women.” But dozens of Japanese residents from surrounding areas, many of whom have come from Japan rather than from Japanese-American communities, are planning to storm the City Council meeting this Tuesday to voice their opposition to the memorial.

We are submitting our letter to demonstrate that these antagonistic Japanese nationalists do not speak for all of Japanese and Japanese-American individuals in the United States.

You can download the PDF file of our letter here.