“Japanese Civilization” Research Forum

“Japanese Civilization” Research Forum (「日本文明」研究フォーラム) is an association of conservative scholars on Japan founded in 2019 at Reitaku University. The forum claims to be inclusive of full range of political and philosophical perspectives, but its board and speakers are comprised of predictably conservative to far-right individuals including Jason Morgan, J. Mark Ramseyer, Tetsuhide Yamaoka, and others.

Japan Forum for Strategic Studies

Japan Forum for Strategic Studies (日本戦略研究フォーラム) is a Japanese conservative think tank founded in 1999 to promote “comprehensive research on national strategy encompassing politics, economy, military, and science and technology.” Board of directors of JFSS is composed of leading conservative figures in politics, businesses, and academy with close ties to Japan Conference.

In addition to Japanese conservative leaders like Taro Yayama (屋山太郎), JFSS boasts a number of American “special advisors” and research fellows including former U.S. Department of State officer Kevin Maher (who was forced to resign after accusing Okinawan movement against U.S. bases of extortion), director of Vanderbilt University’s Center for U.S.-Japan Studies and Cooperation James Auer, former U.S. Marine officer Grant Newsham (also Auer’s colleague at the USJC at Vanderbilt), and former U.S. Marine foreign policy officer in Okinawa Robert Eldridge (who was fired after leaking video recordings of anti-base activists). These American mouthpieces for Japan’s conservative movement frequently contribute their views in English media, for example Newsham publishing regular opinion pieces in Hong Kong/Thailand-based Asia Times.

Institute of Moralogy

The Institute of Moralogy (モラロジー研究所) is a quasi-religious conservative think tank that “advances studies of ethics and morals and promotes social education” based on its belief in “supreme morality,” according to its website. In April 2021, the organization formally changed its name to the Moralogy Foundation (モラロジー道徳教育財団).

As one of the core organizations comprising the nationalist Japan Conference, the Institute and its Reitaku University employ a number of conservative commentators and collaborates with organizations that deny history of Japanese military atrocities and publish revisionist history textbooks.

Historical Awareness Research Committee is housed within the Historical Research Laboratory within the Institute of Moralogy.

Affiliated individuals include:

Faculty of Reitaku University include:

Reitaku University also houses “Japanese Civilization” Research Forum, whose board members include Jason Morgan and J. Mark Ramseyer.

Website: http://eng.moralogy.jp/

Japan Institute for National Fundamentals

Japan Institute for National Fundamentals (国家基本問題研究所) is a conservative think tank founded and led by Yoshiko Sakurai. The Institute has close ties to Japan Conference, and many of its board members, advisors, and fellows are members come from Japan Conference and/or textbook reform movement. Its priorities include a revision of the pacifist clauses of Japan’s constitution, continued use of nuclear power, and comfort women denial.

Affiliated individuals include, in addition to Sakurai:

Website: https://jinf.jp/