Shinjitsu no Tane

Shinjitsu no Tane (真実の種) is the shorthand of a historical revisionist organization Shinjitsu no Tane o Sodateru Kai (「真実の種」を育てる会), or the Society to Grow Seeds of Truth. It was launched in September 2017 as a revisionist counterpart to Kibou no Tane (Seeds of Hope) Foundation (希望のタネ基金), which was founded earlier in the year to promote awareness of the comfort women issue among young people in Japan and to build a world without sexual violence.

Shuntaro Echigo (越後俊太郎) of the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform serves as the Secretary General of Shinjitsu no Tane. The organization is housed within the Society.



Society for Dissemination of Historical Fact

Society for Dissemination of Historical Fact (SDHF, 史実を世界に発信する会) is a Japanese nationalist group that exists to publish English translations of Japanese revisionist materials on the internet and to send those materials to opinion leaders in politics and academia in the United States (without their consent).


In addition, many prominent members of Japan’s conservative establishment, mostly those affiliated with Japan Conference, are listed as board members and advisors.

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Study Group for Japan’s Rebirth

Study Group for Japan’s Rebirth (日本再生研究会) is a monthly study group on modern Japanese history founded in 2006 by comfort women denier Koichi Mera. The meetings were held in Japanese mainly for “shin issei” (new first generation) Japanese immigrants according to Mera. As of 2014, annual membership is $60.

Unlike Mera’s other group, Global Alliance for Historical Truth, the Study Group has largely remained unnoticed from the non-Japanese speaking public because it had not exerted itself into public controversies outside the Japanese speaking communities. However, in 2016 the Study Group collaborated with two similarly minded groups from Japan to submit a joint proposal that seeks to deny the historical orthodoxy on comfort women to UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register.